ASP Scripts

This library of Free ASP Scripts was developed for ASP Programmers of all levels.  There are many beginner level asp scripts on this page as well as some more advanced ones.  ASP programmers of all levels are welcome to bookmark and use this library of free asp scripts over and over.  We will continue to add new asp scripts to this page as time goes on so be sure to check back to see what is new.

To copy any of our ASP Scripts, select the code with your mouse, right-click, select copy, and then paste the code into the appropriate portion of your own ASP web page.   Enjoy!


Basic Email Validation
Basic Form Validation
Insert Form Data to Database
Populate Form from Database


ASP Database Connection
Alternate Row Color
Count and Display Number of Records
Display ‘N’ Records Per Page
Display Part of Database Field
Display Records Horizontally
Display Top 10 Records
Insert Record and Retrieve Unique ID
Let Users Sort Your Displayed Records

Email Components

• ASPUpload
• Dundas
• JMail


> Insert New Database Record
> Update Database Record
> Delete Database Record
> Removing Beginning and Ending Spaces
> Upper and Lower Case Data


Add & Subtract from Dates
Countdown to Date
Display Long and Short Dates
Display Day of Week
Display Month
Display Year
Display Time


Active Users
Daily Hits
Total Hits with Total Hits with Database
Total Hits with Text File
Download Tracker
Server Variables


Printer Friendly Page
Redirect User
Write Cookies to Browser
Read Cookies from Browser

Content Management

Banner Ad Rotator
Display Content from Another Website
Display Random Text

Website Tools

Email This Page
Forgot Password
Website Search Engine
Suggest Username


Conversion Functions
Mathematical Functions
String Functions
Time and Date Functions