Welcome to the home of Classic ASP or Active Server Pages!

That’s right, like hair spray and spandex from 1980’s glam rock, Classic ASP still rocks on today.  Albeit, on a much smaller stage than in years passed.  And while Classic ASP will eventually be officially be put out to pasture, it is where my personal career began and so I dedicate this website memorial to it.  Even though, the script itself may be retired at some point, I believe the logic behind it may still help some newbies and Do-It-Yourselfers who are spending endless hours frantically trying to teach themselves online how to build their own website like I once did.  Regardless of when Classic ASP may be retired, at least bands like Poison, Ratt, Tesla, and many more will continue to rock for decades!


Rock On! Code On!

Bon Jovi



Def Leppard

Motley Crue